Chord Finder

Chord Finder (S60 5th) 5.0

Handy chord reference on your phone


  • Includes 336 different chords
  • Choice of notation styles


  • Buttons are very small and fiddly


Chord Finder is a useful chord look-up app for guitarists, giving you the position and sound of 336 different chords.

The Chord Finder interface consists of a series of small buttons representing musical notes and keys. You just need to select the ones you want to look up, the sound of that note will play and the position of the chord will be shown on the fretboard display at the top of the screen.

It's all very straightforward, although the buttons are pretty small and can be fiddly to press. But then again, if you're a guitarist then your fingers are probably nimble enough for this not to be a problem.

Chord Finder supports three different notation systems: Natural (English), Natural (Northern European), and Southern European. You can also set the type of guitar you're using, from acoustic nylon, acoustic steel, electric jazz, and electric clean. You can adjust the volume of the note that plays within Chord Finder's settings menu.

It's a pretty basic application, yet Chord Finder could become the most handy tool on your phone if you're a keen guitarist.

Chord Finder


Chord Finder (S60 5th) 5.0

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